Microsoft Office 365 on Learning History Subject

Jamiludin Jamiludin, Darnawati Darnawati, Sukadi Linta, Anugrah Puspita Ayu Muhammad, Waode Ade Sarasmita Uke


This research aimed at knowing the students' perception of Microsoft Office 365 on learning history. This research used a quantitative descriptive design. It was conducted at SMAN 4 Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The sample of this study was students in XI-1 grade. The students were 46. Research instruments used questionnaires and interviews. The result showed that the students had a positive response toward the use of Microsoft Office 365. Besides, 87% of students agree that they can understand History Subject during online learning. The most frequently used features were Teams (95.7%), SharePoint (2.2%), and Forms (2.2%). THowever, the obstacle of using this application is if students do not have facilities such as a good internet network, and laptops.

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