Safety and Health Effort on Informal Sector Workers

Krispinus Duma, Muhammad Khairul Nuryanto


Every worker/laborer has the right to obtain safeguards for occupational safety and health, in order to realize optimal work productivity, which is carried out through safety and health efforts. These efforts have not been particularly important for informal sector workers either through the labor department or the health department. There are still a few puskesmas forming UPK for the development of occupational health, and even then it is not operating. This indicates the absence of OSH services in informal workers as mandated by the Manpower Act 13 of 2003.Purpose of the study were to find out information and understanding of the informal sector workers about occupational health and safety through work health post (pos upaya kesehatan kerja/UKK).The type of this research is descriptive observational, Population is informal Worker in Samarinda. A sample of 10 people from each type of informal work is taken purposively. The classification of informal employment types by statistical center (BPS).Result of this research about 56,67% informal workers never heard /read about OSH (K3), 58,33% did not know purpose of OHS, 61,67% did not use PPE, 66,67% never told health officer about PPE, 65,00% never heard /read risk factors of work, 91.67% never heard about UKK, 55.00% had experienced injury/wretched, 58.33% had experienced illness, 58.33% never went to puskesmas, 55.00% had fund healthy. More than 50% of informal sector workers have not known about OSH and its objectives and UKK posts, but more than 50% already have healthy funds and seek treatment at puskesmas if injured or illness.


Informal workers, OSH, occupational health efforts

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