Factors that Affect the Use of IUDs in Working Areas Community Health Center of Sepaku 1

Chandra Sulistyorini, Noor Asiah, Anik Puji Rahayu


IUD contraceptive usage in Indonesia as much as 6.81% who are ranked fourth after condom contraceptive users. The usage of IUD is influenced by many factors, such as knowledge, attitude, and husbands support in the use of IUD. Discover the factors that affect the use of IUD and what factor most dominant in working area Community Health Center of Sepaku 1. This research was quantitative analytical research with cross sectional approach. There were 71 respondents. Sample technique used purposive sampling. Data analysis was achieved by chi square test. Most of respondents' knowledge was high (60.6%) and had a positive attitude (71.8%). By reinforce factors, there is a relation between the sustainability usage of IUD and husbands’ participation (p-value = 0.001). In this research, husbands support is a factor that relate with the sustainability usage of IUDs, while knowledge and attitude have no relation with the use of IUDs. Therefore, medical health officer that work at UPT clinic I should give health promotion to increase married couples’ knowledge about contraception through socialization or promotion about contraception program and education, especially about IUD.


Knowledge, attitude, husband support, IUD

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