The Correlation between Characteristics, Knowledge, and Motivation of Couples in Childbearing Age with the Early Detection of Cervical Cancer in Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin

Anggrita Sari, Dede Mahdiyah, Yayu Puji Rahayu, Adriana Palimbo


Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the cervix and often attacks women. In Indonesia, cervical cancer is the number one killer of all cancers. So early detection is very important. The incidence of cancer from year to year has been increasing significantly. On the contrary, the coverage of Pap smear test has been decreasing. Aims: To determine the correlation of characteristics (age, education, employment), knowledge and motivation and early detection of cervical cancer in couples of childbearing age in patients of Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin. Methods: This type of research was studied used a cross-sectional design and correlational analysis. The population is all couples of childbearing age who visit in obstetrics policlinic in Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin. The sampling method was done by nonprobability sampling with the sample size of 66 people. Analysis using the Spearman rank correlation test with 95% confidence value. Results: Results find no correlation between age and early detection of cervical cancer (p=0,264>α=0,05), a correlation  between education and early detecton of cervical cancer (p=0,001<α=0,05), a correlation between employment with early detection of cervical cancer (p=0,003<α=0,05), no correlation between knowledge with the early detection of cervical cancer (p=0,425>α=0,05), ), no correlation between motivation with the early detection of cervical cancer (p=0,264>α=0,05).


Cervical Cancer, Early Detection, Knowledge, Motivation.

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