Efficiency and Effetiveness of Entrepreneurs Through Online Media/ Social Media

Elfreda Aplonia Lau, LCA Robin Jonathan


media/social media, the variety of product offerings and services to fill online media/social media, opportunities spread wide for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is an activity done by using situations and conditions and logical reasoning systematic to offer products or services that are not thought by others, but can fulfill the needs and desires of people, even cause the needs and desires of the people who know it.This study aims to analyze the efficiency, effectiveness of entrepreneurship, and the impact that can occur and aims to share the findings to the scientific community as well as entrepreneurs as practitioners and the workforce who have not had a job. The data and information used in this research are secondary data observed from several research results which have been done, theory study and case study on Elyaniputsal Tour business. Data and information are analyzed descriptively quantitative as well as qualitative.The results showed that entrepreneurship through online media/social media is very efficient and effective. Opportunities to increase unlimited market share. Can be managed for 24 hours per day. Also found that entrepreneurship through social media can have a positive impact and negative impact for entrepreneurs and business partners.


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